Pricing & Payment Options

Wedding Ceremony Only:


The basic wedding package includes everything you need to have beautiful music played from start to finish at your ceremony.

This package includes 20 minutes of prelude music to welcome your guests before the start of the Ceremony, the Ceremony music, which may include music for the Bridal Party, and music for the Bride. Additional music for a meditation, candle lighting, or sand ceremony, or a special remembrance is included.

I will continue the music until your guests have exited. Typically, the time needed for prelude, ceremony and recessional music, can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour an a half.

There is no extra charge for amplification of my sound. I use a Bose amplification PA system that works in both small and large capacities.

Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Hour:


This package includes all of the wedding package, plus, cocktail hour.

I offer a mix of upbeat classical, contemporary and jazz violin in addition to jamming and improvising to pre-programmed backing tracks programmed into my pedalboard.

+ Extra Travel

Travel costs are based on mileage from Saratoga Springs.

+ Additional Musicians

It is possible to have additional musicians based upon pricing and availability.

I work with additional violinists, violists, cellists, guitarists, keyboard players and harpists.

If you have a musician that is also a guest at your wedding, and would like to perform with me, that can be arranged. There will be additional rehearsal time needed to make that happen. The cost of the rehearsal is $60.