Classical Music


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Classical Solo and Chamber Music Concert Bookings.

Classical Music, is my foundation. It is the music that I studied first and it will always be my “mother tongue”.

My catalog of classical solo and chamber music repertoire that I am available to perform & teach.

                 Viola Repertoire-

Concerto/Viola solo works with Orchestra-

  • J.Chr. Bach/ Casadesus- Concerto in C minor
  • Bach- Brandenburg- Concerto #6- for 2 Violas
  • Bartok- Concerto
  • Bruch- Concerto for Clarinet and Viola, Op.88
  • Bruch- Romance
  • Hummel- Potpourri/Fantasie
  • Martinu- Rhapsody Concerto
  • Mozart- Sinfonia Concertante
  • Schnittke- Concerto
  • Stamitz –  Concerto in D Major
  • Stamitz – Double concerto for Violin & Viola
  • Telemann-  Concerto for 2 Violas
  • Telemann-  Concerto in G Major
  • Vaughn Williams- Flos Campi
  • Vanhal- Concerto in C Major
  • Walton- Concerto

Sonata Repertoire-

  • Bach- da Gamba Sonatas
  • Brahms- Op. 120, Nr.1- f minor
  • Brahms- Op. 120, Nr.2 in E-flat
  • Chopin- Sonata for cello( arr.viola)
  • Rebecca Clarke- Sonata
  • Glinka-  Sonata in d minor
  • Hindemith-Sonata Op.11, Nr.4
  • Schubert- Arpeggione
  • Shostakovich- Sonata
  • Vieuxtemps- Sonata in B-flat Major

Unaccompanied repertoire-

  • Bach- Suite Nr. 1, 2,3
  • Bach -Partita Nr. 2 in full + Chaconne
  • Bach- Cromatic Fantasie
  • Kreisler- Recitative and Scherzo caprice
  • Marc O’Connor- Appalachian Waltz
  • Mark Sumner- Julie-O
  • Reger- Suite in d minor , Nr.1
  • Stravinsky- Elegie
  • Vieuxtemps- Cappriccio

Showpieces- full list available upon request

  • Gershwin- Grande Fantasy on Themes from Porgy and Bess ( A. Arnold)
  • Glazounov- Elegie
  • Moussorgsky (A. Arnold)- Hopak
  • Kreisler ( A. Arnold)- Liebslied
  • Kreisler ( A. Arnold)- Liebsfreud
  • Kreisler ( A. Arnold)- Praeludium and Allegro
  • Schumann- Fairytales
  • Schumann- Adagio and Allegro
  • Weber- Andante and Rondo Ungarese

Chamber Music sample list- full list available upon request


  • Beethoven- “Eyeglasses” Duo , Viola/Cello
  • Brahms – Zwei Gesänge, for Alto,Viola and Piano, Op.91, Nr. 1 and 2
  • Rebecca Clarke- Prelude, Allegro, and Pastorale for Bb Clarinet/Viola
  • Handel/Halvorsen- Passacaglia- Violin/Viola
  • Mozart- Duo for  Violin/Viola
  • Marc o’Connor- F.C.’s Jig, Violin/Viola
  • Piazzolla- 6 Tangos for Violin/Cello or Bass
  • Rebecca Clarke- Lullaby and Grotesque- Viola/Cello


  • Beethoven- E-flat Major String Trio, Op.3
  • Beethoven- Serenade in D Major String Trio,Op.8
  • Beethoven- G Major String Trio, Op.9, Nr.1
  • Beethoven- D Major String Trio ,Op.9, Nr.2
  • Beethoven- c minor String Trio, Op.9, Nr.3
  • Beethoven-  G Major String Trio
  • Brahms- Piano Trio, Op.114 for Viola, Cello and Piano
  • Bruch- 8 pieces for Clarinet/Viola and Piano
  • Debussy- Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp
  • Dohnanyi- Serenade – Violin/Viola/Cello
  • Mozart-Kegelstatt Trio , Clarinet/Viola/Piano
  • Mozart- Divertimento, K.563, E-flat Violin/Viola/Cello

Quartets- Arriaga – string quartet Nr.1, Beethoven -Op.18, string quartets, Dvorak- piano quartet,Op. 87,E-flat Major, Mozart- string quartets , Mozart- piano quartet , Schumann- piano quartet in E-flat Major,Op.47

Quintets- Mozart- String Quintets, Prokofiev-String Quintet in g minor,Op.39, Prokofiev- Piano/Winds/String Quintet” Overture on Hebrew Themes”, Schubert- Piano Quintet “Trout”, R. Schumann- Piano Quintet in E-flat Major,op.44

Sextet-Brahms- B-flat String Sextet

Octets- Hindemith, Schubert, Mendelssohn

Violin Repertoire-

Concerto or solo pieces with orchestra-

  • Bach- Concerto in A minor
  • Bach- Concerto in E Major
  • Bach- Concerto for 2 Violins in d minor
  • Bach- Brandenburg Concerto Nr. 5, for  flute/violin/harpsichord
  • Corelli- “Christmas” Concerto for 2 violins
  • Mozart- Concerto Nr. 3 in G Major
  • Mozart- -Concerto Nr. 5 in A Major
  • Vivaldi- Concerto for 2 violins, Op.3,Nr.8 in A minor
  • Vivaldi- “Four Seasons “Concerto
  • Vivaldi- Concerto for 4 violins


  • Beethoven- Op.12, Nr.1
  • Beethoven- “Spring ” Sonata in F ,Op.24
  • Brahms- Sonata Nr.2, Op.100
  • Dvorak- Sonatine
  • Handel- Sonata Nr. 1 in F Major
  • Mikulas-Schneider Trnavsky- Sonata in g minor

Showpieces/ other-

  • Bartok- Roumanian Folk Dances
  • Beethoven- Romance in F Major
  • Kreisler- Praeludium and Allegro
  • Massenet- ” Thais” Meditation
  • Wieniawski- Souvenir de Moscow
  • Wieniawski- Legende
  • Williams- “Schindler’s List”

Chamber music-

Duos:Handel/Halvorsen- Passacaglia for Violin/Cello

Trios: Haydn- “Ongarese” – Piano Trio, Mozart-  Piano Trio,Kv.254

Quintets-Mikulas Schneider-Trnavsky- “Dumka a Tanec”, Piano Quintet