Can Tania play with my organist at the church?

Yes! Absolutely! If you are having an organist or pianist play for your ceremony, Tania will play collaborate with them and your ceremony music will be breathtaking! I can also hire an organist/pianist if you need me to.

When does Tania arrive, and what does she play?

Tania will arrive early enough to set up her equipment, check in and communicate with the officiant & wedding planner. The music will start approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, typically as your first guests arrive.

How far will Tania travel?

Tania will travel up to 2 hours from Saratoga Springs ( 12866). If you are having a “Destination Wedding” and you would like to have my musical services, please inquire. We may be able to make it happen!

How long will Tania play?

Typically, Tania will play 30 minutes, of hospitality and welcoming music as your guests arrive. Then, she plays music for the Bridal Party and Bride, which is officially called the” Processional and Recessional Music”.

Tania will provide additional music during the ceremony, if needed. She continues to play as the guests leave the ceremony area, and then either packs up and moves to the cocktail hour location to keep playing, or goes home.

What does Tania bring? Does she need a sound system?

The sound of the violin carries further than the voice, but, a sound system is a great help towards making the most out of a single violin. Tania uses backing tracks to create to her sound. She brings a Bose PA amplification system with her.

Do you need to be near electrical power to be able to play?

Not necessarily, the acoustic violin sound travels very easily and is louder than a human voice. However, if I am amplifying my sound, which in most cases, I prefer doing, I will need to be near electrical power. I do have a battery powered amp, reserved for those occasions where power is not available.

How do I book you for my wedding?

Tania is currently booking weddings. You can fill out this contact form if you have an inquiry about a date.

Invoice & Contract & Payment

Fill out the Booking page on this website and I will respond to you. After we discuss your wedding, and you are considering booking, I will send you an invoice of the services we discussed. Next, we can move to contract, which you sign electronically. Finally, you can pay via check or PayPal. It’s that easy!

Payment will be required in full, before Tania’s musical services are delivered.


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